Picnic 1.0.3

Bring your files!


  • Sync users with Bonjour
  • Easy to select folders to share
  • Set password
  • Subscribers/conflicts/queue showed in tabs


  • Can crash

Very good

Picnic is another solution to easily share files or folders between two Macs. Make sure Picnic is set up on your computers first and that your local area network is working properly.

Once this is done, you'll only need to work in the Picnic interface. Press the + button at the bottom left to add new folders or files that you wish to add.

They'll all be listed on the left side of the interface. On the right, the program is neatly divided into three tabs for subscribers, conflicts and queues to monitor your synchronisation.

When you add a folder to Picnic it should appear in the Picnic folder, from where you'll be able to sync it to your other Mac.

You can effortlessly subscribe or unsubscribe to other users thanks to the button at the bottom of the interface and Picnic lets you add a password to protect your files.

Mac users will also appreciate that Picnic can sync all user accounts using Bonjour. Even though synchronizing files can bug every now and then, Picnic offers a simple, no-fuss process to transfer files on a local area network.

Picnic is a revolutionary new collaborative file syncing application for Mac OS X to run on two or more Macs on a common local area network (LAN/WLAN).

It offers the ability to create synced folders of files which are automatically synchronized between all user's accounts using Bonjour. As such, it offers an easier alternative to file server based shared folders or network drives.



Picnic 1.0.3

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